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  • Booking Term+Conditions
    I do not tattoo anyone under 18 years of age, even if parental consent has been given. Absolutely no exceptions. A deposit is always required and non-refundable. It covers my drawing time, holds your session date, covers artist overhead, set up, etc. It will be forfeited upon a no-show or cancellation of appt within 24 hours of start time. Please bring valid government issued identification to your appointment - if you aren’t able to provide ID your appointment will not move forward. For various reasons, I don’t recommend using numbing cream unless absolutely necessary due to healing complications. If you’d like to discuss the possibility of using numbing cream (outside of just not wanting the tattoo to hurt), this is something that absolutely needs to be brought to my attention -prior- to your session. The area of skin that is being tattooed must not be damaged in any way. This includes sunburn, bruises, infections (zits / ingrown hairs) or abrasions. I will reschedule your appointment should the area not be suitable to tattoo so your skin can properly heal. If you completely change your idea from what is being currently booked, I have the right to reschedule your appointment to accommodate the new design or cancel the appointment completely if I don’t think my work is best suited to the new design concept. It is your responsibility to check any spelling, dates and translations if you are getting a script tattoo. I only show clients their design on the day of their appointment rather than sending the artwork online prior. If we need to make changes we can certainly do so! I am flexible, but I don't have any extra time for miscommunication about design via email. If you contact me wanting to make changes to your idea within 48 hours of your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited. I can always make small changes to the design which was initially booked but you MUST give me enough notice. Pricing always varies - and the budget you provided on your request form is most likely within a $150 give or take range of accuracy. Please do not show up anytime earlier than your appt session start time (the new shop doesn't have a large waiting/lobby area) and please always allow for a solid 30-40 minute addition to the start/end time to go over design, tweaks if needed, and set up. Plan your day according to this! Again, deposits are required and non-refundable!
  • How Do I Schedule a Tattoo Session?
    Please visit the Request Tattoo page and fill out the form. I will get back to you at my earliest convenience (could be upwards of a week, depending on my schedule) with any questions about your design, or I will just go ahead and send you a link to the appropriate calendar where you can select a date/time for the session.
  • How Should I Prepare for My Tattoo Session?
    Be well rested and hydrated, and have a meal or snack prior to. Aside from that, take a shower, charge your phone, bring a book, and don’t bring in 20 of your friends and/or family members. One guest is okay!
  • How Long Does a Tattoo Session Last?
    Tattooing is not a quick process. A detailed piece of work, about 5-6 inches, takes about two hours to complete. Larger or more complex pieces can take tens of hours, and will require several sittings to complete. Usually appointments are made in multiples of hours, but some smaller pieces may only require a thirty minute appointment. A full sleeve (done by any decent artist), could take anything from ten to fifty hours to complete depending on complexity.
  • When Should I -Not- Get Tattooed?
    When you are: Drunk High Pregnant Pre-Surgery Post-Surgery Or When you don’t know what you want When you can’t afford it When you’re sunburned When you haven’t showered When you have your kids with you If you don’t have an ID
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